Foraging for Apples

Wednesdays, known as hump day by most, the mid-week slump or countdown to the weekend. For us Wednesday is our weekend, time to have fun and spend with the kids. This week  we went foraging for apples, our children love foraging as much as we do. Autumn is our favourite time to forage with an abundance of foods available.

It was a warm sunny afternoon, we grab some bags and drove to our first stop.  There was an abundance of red apples on the tall tree. We all piled out of the car and our youngest excitedly ran to the tree and picked a shiny red apple and took a bite, he spat it out as quick as he bit into it announcing ‘these apples are too lemony’. After laughs and jokes about sour foods; the children soon discovered with the help of their father the ripe sweet apples were at the top of the tree. We worked together to make up creative ideas to gather a small bag from the highest of branches.

Next, we drove to our favourite apple tree which we are yet to identify. The tree stands approx. 10ft high with large thick rough textured leave. The branches droop the ground in the way a willow tree droops, except these branches are much thicker and closer together. On the branches hidden behind the leave were giant green apples perfect for eating. We all had to taste test before picking, after all foraging is hungry work. The flavour was amazing, the sweetness and acidity was the perfect combination.

When foraging it’s important to forage sustainably, only taking what is needed. We spent a bit of time at this tree not picking all its fruit, but exploring the environment where the tree stands tall and making memories laughing and playing. Every March we forage from this particular apple tree with our children, hopefully in years to come it will still be standing so our children can take their children to forage the large sweet green apples it produces.

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