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With our love of food also comes wine! When Sam and I first met I’d never been to a winery and he was a young chef who loved pairing drinks with meals so I was quickly bought up to speed with many trips to vineyards, falling in love with the dark fruit peppery dry reds.

We have chosen a verity of wines from Victorian Wine Regions to match our menu. Some sentimentally chosen from wineries we visited such as the Blue Pyrenees vineyard in south West Victoria (in the Pyrenees wine region near the Grampians).

At the time this small winery was picking grapes involving the whole family- like ours and happy to show us around.When we first visited they were working from a rustic old shed now they’ve grown- like us- into a full scale operation.

We have chosen their award-winning Sparkling Shiraz for our menu as a reminder of our time first exploring the Pyrenees region.


Sam and I have been regulars at food and wine festivals for years, over this time we have meet many of the wine makers and their families. Pictured below is Sam and I with Michael Unwin and his wife. We love Michaels stories on how the name of his wines came about. The Sangiovese is a standout featuring on our menu and pairs well with our ‘Spiced Roast Pumpkin’ dish.

Mark Summerfield is another wine maker we have met over the years. Every year at the Grampians grape escape we catch up with him and Brad Fernando now our wholesale rep for a chat and a taste of the new vintage. It is hard to choose a Favourite Summerfield wine as we love them all.


Local Wine Selection


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