Seasonal Menu

All Meals are made to order, if you have any dietary requirements please disclose when ordering.
During the peak season (Dec to Feb) we cannot alter meals unless there is a specific allergy dietary requirement.
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Vegetarian options are available.
*GF — Add $3 for Gluten Free Bread Option, GF – Gluten Free, #DF – Dairy Free Option, DF – Dairy Free, #V – Vegetarian options, V – Vegetarian, #VG – Vegan options, VG – Vegan

All Day Breakfast (9am-4pm)

    • Breakfast

    • Sides Available with the Purchase of a Meal

      avocado, Istra  bacon, organic Bushdrift free-range eggs, Istra Chorizo or GF Bread  4.50

      mushrooms, spinach, tomato, jalapenos or organic Zeally Bay sourdough bread     3

      house made tomato jam or Aioli 1.50

    • Fruit Toast


      toasted Zeally Bay organic fruit loaf with butter and house made jam (#DF, #V, VG)

    • French Toast


      organic Zeally Bay brioche, caramelised bananas, Istra bacon, Schulz’s Organic quark cheese, Otway Walnuts (*GF, #V)

    • Avocado Smash


      avocado, spinach, tomato and Schulz’s Organic herbed fetta, organic Zeally Bay seed and sprout loaf (*GF, #DF, V, #VG)

    • Locally Grown and Milled Spelt Hotcake


      preserved rhubarb, Schulz’s Organic quark cheese, shaved organic coconut and maple syrup

      (#DF, V)

    • Green Egg Soufflé


      spinach, kale, organic Bushdrift free-range eggs, house pickled jalapenos, Schulz’s Organic quark cheese

    • Baked Eggs


      organic Bushdrift free-range eggs, garden greens, cream,

      Apostle Whey camembert cheese, toasted organic Zeally Bay sourdough (*GF, V)

    • Eggs and Bacon


      organic Bushdrift free-range eggs, Istra bacon, organic Zeally Bay

      sourdough toast (*GF, DF, #V)

    • Organic Cream of Wheat Porridge


      organic semolina, mixed citrus and rosemary compote, Schulz’s Organic yoghurt

      (#DF #VG)

    • Egg and Chorizo Brioche Sandwich


      organic Bushdrift free-range egg, Istra chorizo, spinach, house made tomato

      jam, organic Zeally Bay sourdough brioche (*GF, DF,)

All Day Meals (9am – 4pm)

    • All Day Meals

    • Forage Plate (for 2)


      house made Barongarook Pork and Great Ocean Duck rillettes, organic Zeally Bay baguette, house made fig paste, sweet pickles, house made spicy mustard, locally foraged house brined olives, Schulz’s Organic Dairy cheese.

    • Beef Burger


      Kangaroobie Farm grass fed beef burger, house made tomato jam, aioli, pickles, organic Zeally Bay sourdough bun with salad (*GF, DF)

    • Fresh Grilled Fish


      fresh fish with lemon, tomato and herb crushed kipfler potatoes, roquette Salad

      (GF, DF)

    • Club Sandwich


      organic Bushdrift free-range egg, Istra bacon, tomato, lettuce, turkey, aioli, organic Zeally Bay sourdough bread   (*GF, DF)

    • House Made Potato Gnocchi


      with roasted pumpkin, kitchen garden sage and a burnt butter sauce (V)

    • Roast Potatoes


      Roasted in duck fat with garlic, rosemary and aioli (GF, DF)

    • Gourmet Sandwich


      Your choice of avocado, salami or turkey with tasty cheese, lettuce, tomato, house made aioli, house made tomato jam on Organic Zeally Bay sourdough bread (*GF, DF, V, VG)

    • Local Abalone


      Yumbah Greenlip Abalone grilled, mushroom puree, samphire, sea parsley and wattle seed. (G

    • Seasonal Vegetable Soup


      Seasonal vegetables (locally grown when possible), white beans,

      Organic Zeally Bay sourdough toast (DF, V, VG)


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