Otway Artisan Gluten Free Bread

When opening Forage on the Foreshore Sam and I were passionate about opening with a small menu that included and showcased as much local produce as possible. One stumbling block we came across was gluten free bread. Neither Sam nor I were happy serving the typical commercial gluten free breads, so the hunt was on.

Being gluten free myself this was quite an exciting adventure as giving up wheat bread had been a challenge. After a year into trading we finally discovered Otway Artisan Gluten Free Bakehouse situated in Birregurra, a gorgeous little town approximately only 1hour and 15mins from Port Campbell.

Otway Artisan Gluten Free Bakehouse is owned and run by a husband and wife team Justin and Bozena at the old bank in the main street of Birregurra. This where they hand make and sell gluten free breads and pizza bases using the finest quality ingredients with no animal fats or oils.

The breads taste amazing, the texture is light and easily soaks up the sauces and flavours of Sam’s Dishes. Although the pizza bases haven’t appeared on our menu yet we enjoy them at home. We have many surprised customers at how delicious Otway Artisan Gluten Free Breads are compared to commercially made gluten free breads. One person even sent her dish back thinking it wasn’t gluten free bread, not surprising that customer and her family headed off to the Otway Artisan Bakehouse to make a purchase on their way back to Melbourne after visiting the 12 apostles.

Otway Artisan Bakehouse is a part of the Otway Harvest Trail, were you can find other locally produced and grown product on your travels through the Otway’s or down the great Ocean Road. You can find more information on www.otwayharvesttrail.org.au

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