Treasure The Land We Love For A Sustainable Future

Sam grew up in Port Campbell spending most of his time at the beach or surfing along the coast of the Great Ocean Road. When deciding on where to open our restaurant, Forage on the Foreshore, Port Campbell was the natural option. We love where we live and love sharing time with our children exploring the environment, there is always something new to discover along the coast and in the hinterland.  We love the sound of the ocean and the fresh coastal air. I personally enjoy the many walking tracks in the area, the carved cliffs and the local produce on offer. Sam and the kids enjoy surfing and swimming. Our teenager loves taking photos of the landscape and wildlife.

Looking after our beautiful coastal environment and marine life is important to us therefore, we like to incorporate sustainability practices in our restaurant and at home. We avoid using plastic where possible, our retail gnocchi line is packaged in home compostable packaging and we encourage customers to bring in their own reusable takeaway cup by offering a 50 cent discount. The menu at Forage consists of mostly local produce and our dining room is decorated with second hand furniture so as to limit our environmental footprint. Foraging for food is one of our favourite pastimes. It is too hard to pick which are our favourite plants to forage however autumn is our favourite season as we find there are more varieties. We always forage sustainably by only taking what is needed.

When you come down the great ocean road there are so many places to explore, we recommend you plan ahead and take your time because once you are here you will want to immerse yourself in the environment. Dress for every season, along with the attractiveness of the carved cliffs comes the windy weather that creates its unique beauty. Take your rubbish with you and stick to the walking tracks to help us preserve the native flora and fauna. Lower your footprint by making use of the walking or cycling tracks and support local small businesses and food trails. When exploring the environment keep your eye out for the many native birds, our favourite is the currawong. We first came across these birds while camping. We discovered that they had different dialects depending on where they were from. Our local currawongs sound very different to those the Grampians or even the east coast of Victoria. It’s now become a family game t

o find the currawongs and listen for their different dialect.

A must see local attraction is the Bay of Martyrs. It’s tall cliffs and rock formations in the ocean are spectacular. This beach is where Sam spent a lot of his childhood summers with memories exploring, climbing sand dunes and digging sandcastles with his siblings. Together we now pass on this history creating new memories and adventures with our children. As well as teaching them to care and respect the environment for future generations. Bay of Martyrs is not a swimming beach as the ocean can be dangerous and unpredictable, however, it’s a great place to dip your toes in the shallows of the waves racing up the sandy banks.

Come on an adventure, Treasure the land we love, make memories and support our quest for a sustainable future.

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